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Saturday, September 29, 2018 - Sravan Kumar - 9247180697-Online Works -- Earn money -- work from Mobile phone


SRAVAN KUMAR online referral Links to earn by Online works.

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I am doing this work pattindi from MOBILE .

President of
Alliance club of Celebrities

CEO of

CELEBRITIED online radio

DXN international Star Diamond
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*πŸ‘‰Member Fee Rs.200/- one time only*

*πŸ‘‰6 level's Total income would be more than Rs.96,95,000/-* *( Direct Income)*

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let's see how it works & what to do

1⃣ Free Registration.
2⃣ Rs.200/- For Activation of ID.
3⃣ Activate ID within 48hrs from the time of registration.
4⃣ Reffer 2 or more people to join in your level-1 and receive 100% which is Rs.200/- from each of your direct sponsor.
5⃣ Every body should *Upgrade* to their 2nd level with 30days of their activation.
6⃣ There are 6 levels.
*Incomes from each level from each person* are
level-1 Rs.200/-  x 2 =Rs.400/- or more
level-2 Rs.300/- x4 =Rs.1200/-
level-3 Rs.900/- x8 =Rs.7200/-
level-4 Rs.2500/- x16 =Rs.40,000/-
level-5 Rs.20,000/- x32 =Rs.6,40,000/-
level-6 Rs.1,50,000/- x64 =Rs.96,00,000/-
7⃣ There are 5 upgrades.
*Upgrades* are to get income from next levels.
1st upgrade :- pay Rs.300/- only once
(to receive Rs.300/- from each ID of 2nd level)
2nd upgrade :- pay Rs.900/- only once
3rd upgrade :- pay Rs.2500/- only once
4th upgrade :- pay Rs.20,000/- only once
5th upgrade :- pay Rs.1,50,000/- only once
8⃣ As said you have to pay 200/- only & now you are thinking for upgrading you have to pay more - no not at all you are not paying from your own money , you are paying from income that you have earned

let's see how it works
1st upgrade -
income received from Level-1 is Rs.400/- so you will pay Rs.300/- from it.

2nd upgrade -
after receiving income from level-2 which is Rs.1200/- you have to pay Rs.900/- from it.
1200-900=Rs.300/- +100/- =Rs.400/-

3rd upgrade -
after receiving income from level-3 which is Rs.7200/- you have to pay Rs.2500/- from it.
7200-2500=Rs.4700/- +400/- =Rs.5100/-

4th upgrade -
after receiving income from level-4 which is Rs.40,000/- you have to pay Rs.20,000/- from it.
40,000-20,000=Rs.20,000/- +5100/- =Rs.25,100/-

5th upgrade -
after receiving income from level-5 which is Rs.6,40,000/- you have to pay Rs.1,50,900/- from it.
6,40,000-1,50,000=Rs.4,90,000/- +25,100/- =Rs.5,15,100/-

9⃣ After completing 5 upgrades
u get Rs.5,15,100/-
+96,00,000/- from level-6
then your total income would be

Full Support & income Opportunity
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