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Monday, October 7, 2019

A2zservices by OBDA -info

We are from
Viraat Educational society

engunion = Ever New Global Union
--Establishing schools, Hometuitions, coaching centres, online platform for business and advertisement services since 1998

----We have 20 years experiences in giving various services through promotions, advertisements, associations, clubs, communities.

---We are expert in FMCG, pharma, health,medical,savings,deposits,insurance,marketing,manpower,ideas to live, life supportive lessons, online marketing strategies, branding, advertisings, friendships, social services association, clubs, tours, trainings, established educational instituitions, business development, real estate, blogging,twitter,linkd in , email marketing,tele calling, tele marketing, all kinds of corporate strategies, analyst, yoga,meditations,pariwars, etc..etc...

--We are experts in providing encouragements, guidence to others to do their works ,business etc.

--We want to Provide Nation wide platform to all upcoming professionals for their start ups.

--We want to Provide Nation wide all kinds of services to nation wide individuals and entities.

--We want to provide platform to traditional business and General MLM, net work marketing, direct marketing persons. ++**Obviously Whoever wants to expand their own business can JOIN with us.

***Our Goal is to provide alternate income opportunities to all service providers along with business expansions.
WE are ready to invest money and time ...
Manpower...Many different ways...
To improve OBD Associates businesses
( Its Your business )

☸" A2z services form filling work " is

Fill this Application as an applicant

Our telecallers will call to applicants...they allot to suitable OBDA

OBDA calls to those applicants , OBDA get business.


Step 1:- * All leads of "a2z services form filling work " will be transferred to all
OBD Aassociates.
OBD ASSOCIATE joining form

Step2:- *OBD Associates calls to a2z applicants TO provides their business or services ...Earns money...Gives commission to ADMIN of

For this ........*******---____.....

All retail,wholesale,business owners can join as OBDAssociate.

Traditional / Network people, service providers can enroll into OBDA system.

1.Applicants(LEADS) -
2.Promoters (agents)-

👉 LEADS comes from "A2z services "
👉 Promoters WORKS for " A2z services "
👉 OBDA works from LEADS "A2z services"

👍 OBDA gives Commission to "PROMOTERS"

** All automatically updated online system...
Time to time Instant reports

Now. Further we want managers, sales and service centres, tele callers, many more..Future app.

We welcome YOU to join with our mission of nationwide expansions

A2z services
Others Business Development Associates(OBDA)