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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

EARN From Crowd Fund

After reading this info if you join your name will display after your Payment confirmation .

Please Read All this.
HOT LIST .....1 to 5 
Waiting list 6 .....To....Unlimited..New joinings...

1.CELEBRITIES SCHOOL -Current Account number 0210102000015242-IFSC code:IBKL0000210
EARNING amt 400
2.Vraat Educational society hanamkonda-Hdfc bank current account number - 50200032174317-IFSC code: HDFC0004195
Earning amt 300
3.K. SRAVAN KUMAR savings HDFC BANK,  A/C# 50100161045866
Earning amt 200
4.K.S.KUMAR -- PayTm # 9247180697
Earning amt 100
5. Kumar - Andra Bank savings a/c# 052810025062477 
Earning amt  ....0...
In this crowd funding system.◆◆◆◆◆◆
Joining procedure:🎂💐👌👍😊☺️●●●●●
 Step)..Send 100  to  each one of the above
Hot Listed Names of 1 to 5 ( top 5 only )
Total 500 INR
Than your name will be entered into the list.
New joining Members will send you 100 INR to join in the system....
Note:-  payment slip scan/screen shot.
Send by mail
Every Day Names & bank account info will replaced above level
 according to waiting list sequence. 
**************6th numbered will become 5th
*********5th numbered will become 4th 
***********4th numbered will moves as 3rd
***************3rd numbered will move as 2nd 
*******************2nd numbered will move as 1st
~todays1st numbered will move as 
tomorrow's  6th~~~~
~~1 day after tomorrow as 5th~~~~
~~~~~2 days after tomorrow as 4th~~~
~~~~~~~~3days after tomorrow as 3rd~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~4days after tomorrow as 2nd ~~~
~~~~~~~~5days after tomorrow as 1st~~~~

In this way all numbers will be circulated as everyday moves into circle form.

Your number will be removed Once @Total cumulative receiving fund of SUM 20,000 INR
=Note:= Probability of 1st day if  5 members joined than you earns 100 from 5 mebers@total 500
=Note= If next-day 20 new members joins , than you earns 100 each  from 20 members of total 2000 INR, at this moment your cumulative earnings are 2500.
==== So your number will be in the circulation Until your Cumulative earnings reaches 20,000 INR

Open chance to all .

Your name will circulate 
Than  name & bank info will display beside the hot listed names accordingly.
Next one by one, one after one  others will join.
Slowly  Hot list members  earns and waiting list members names will replaced into hot list.
All the best if any doubts email to

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

ATOMY Products --Pricing

ATOMY - membership Registration

Atomy Global Team

Interested in Membership?

 Atomy Inc. currently has fully operational branches only in the following locations:

             Korea    Japan    United States    Canada   
           Singapore    Taiwan    Thailand    Cambodia   
           Philippines    Malaysia    Mexico

If you would like to become an Atomy Inc. member with Atomy Global Team as your sponsor, whether you want to be a part of the business or simply get access to Atomy products, you need to be located in one of the above countries. If you are, please go to this page for instructions on self-enrolling.
If you live in Columbia, Australia,Brazil, India, or Russia, you can sign up as a consumer member. Follow the instructions below using the Atomy Global Team  ID: 11420094
 and as a Guest password: 1234

NOTE: Your application will not be accepted if you are not based in one of the locations where Atomy Inc. is currently operational or scheduled to open soon. Offices in Australia, Indonesia, Brazil, and Colombia are scheduled to open sometime in 2018 or later.

If you have detailed questions about the ingredients and benefits of Atomy products, please call your country's customer service support number (go to for links); This psge is not authorized to provide that information to you.

Proudly powered by
+91 9247180697


Atomy - pricing

Atomy Global Team .

Retail Price List (in US dollars)

The chart at right is an approximate list of what Atomy prices may look like in US dollars. 

In most countries, becoming a member entitles you to automatic business status should you choose to pursue the business side of things. In Japan you can elect to first sign up as a "consumer" member, upgradable to business status any time. If you choose to buy items in bulk, prices are even further reduced.

It is difficult to give precise pricing details because it will depend on where you live and on the pricing structure in each country, which may differ slightly. It also depends on the quantity of items your purchase and on your dealership level within the company. Fluctuating exchange rates might cause the appearance of price changes. Note that the pricing at right does not list all Atomy products; products are regularly being added to the Atomy product line. Please check the official Atomy website of your country for current pricing and product availability. 

Proudly powered by 


Atomy - products

Atomy Global India Presents

Skin Care

a set of 6 morning skin care products- clarifying, toning, special care, and shielding against the elements. BB cream, too!

a set of 4 morning skin care products - cleaning and nourishing

Special Care
"calming" and nourishing products for those with sensitive skin

Sun Cream
exceptional protection against UVB rays with SPF 50 PA+++ 
Mineral Foundation
Sun protection and great coverage! (Go to the official website of your country for more information.)

Men's Care

Natural Look (Saeng-Eol Man)
a set of 3 lotions and serums geared toward the special needs of men's skin

Personal Care

Hair & Body Care - shampo, conditioner, treatment, body soap

Toothpaste - made with propolis, quality toothbrushes available


Makeup - lipstick, mineral foundation, and more to come!


Atomy's flagship health supplement, HemoHem+ is a powerful  herbal supplement made from 100% natural ingredients.

Home Care

Eco-friendly detergents and cleaning products! (Go to the official website of your country for more information.)

Other Products

Depending on where you live, Atomy offers even more:special needs skin care productswomen's sanitary care productsbody creams and hand soapspecial travel packsnori and noodle packs
nutritional suppliments

Go to the official website of your country for more information, as products continue to be added to the Atomy product line. Residents of Korea will naturally have access to a larger variety of affordable, earth-conscious, quality products. For those in the rest of the world, be patient as Atomy grows and extends its product line availability. With your patronage, it will!

Proudly powered by 
SRAVAN KUMAR 9247180697

Atomy. kr Marketing Plan (MK sir Team)

Atomy Magic

Success for All

Atomy's products are marketed exclusively through its members, or at least the ones who choose to do so.
Regular members can choose to upgrade to business distributors for free, allowing them
a) access to even lower pricing and
b) the opportunity to generate extra income by introducing Atomy to others; word of mouth marketing.
You can generate income two main ways:
(1) by generating commission through the binary compensation plan (see below) and/or
(2) though direct sales (legality depends on your country of operation). Atomy offers all its members a full business opportunity as well as the chance to become a “smartsumer.”

The Binary Plan

Atomy’s marketing structure is what’s known as a binary compensation plan in the multi-level marketing world. This structure has two legs, otherwise known as “downlines”.
Because a member can only have two people in their front line, any referred member must be put to the next available position.
Typically a member builds one leg while their sponsor adds new members to their other leg, but not all members choose to build their legs.

By signing up through Atomy Magic, you will signing up as a regular consumer member, but you can choose to upgrade to a business member, which is completely free.
Even if you choose not to do so immediately, Atomy Magic will be working to assist you in building one leg through new signups. Note, however, that you are under no pressure to go beyond being a simply consumer member of Atomy products, but it's great to be aware of the benefits to be had. Even someone with less-than-average marketing skills has the potential to succeed in the binary compensation plan.
In order to receive commission from Atomy, one must meet the following criteria:

Obtain 300,000 PV points through purchases (PV = Point Value and 300,000PV is roughly $500 in purchases).
Your points are retained for the lifetime of your membership.

Obtain a minimum of 300,000 PV points on both legs each week.

Commission is paid on the smallest value leg (at least 300,000 PV) which is why it is important to build both legs in order to generate income regularly. This is the only criteria! Once you obtain your own 300,000 points and establish strong legs with members who will use Atomy’s products, you will be set to potentially generate income.

Six additional key points of the system (for starters):

1. Dealership

There are five classes of dealership in Atomy. Each member is classified by his/her total volume of purchases accrued which is to influence the commission he/she would receive from the company.

2. General Commission

44% of Atomy’s entire sales are distributed back to the qualified members as commission every week.

3. Multi-Matching Bonus

2% of General Commission from the direct down-lines are given to qualified members.

4. Mastership and Masters’ Bonus

In addition to different dealerships, a member can proceed to get positions of mastership to join distribution of more profit at the end of every ½ month.

5. Mastership Promotion

There is a promotional compensation to celebrate the new qualifiers of each mastership:

6. Center Fee

After becoming a "Sales Master,"

you may choose to open up your own Atomy Center in your own location to instruct new members and sell products.

Atomy Center owners receive 6% of total PV toward commission.

According to Korean Law and Regulations Atomy follows, the total amount of commission to members cannot exceed 35% of total sales income. All calculations of commissions and bonus are automatically fit to the limit.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Donate 1000 to get back 2000

 DOUBLE The Revenue

Listen to Non stop 24 hours International online Radio
 Earn double the amount of Rupees by this single time Donation.
Rs.1000/- only

Read this page Carefully to get double .

Warning : This can change Your life. If you take the immediately action

For this Rs.1000/-, you will get honor as Donar of our radio link to listen 24/7

Please follow the steps below to implement this program.

1) First call to first Dobar to xxxxxxxxxx
you need to send  Rs.500/.

2)  send 500/-  to Radio  9247180697 by PayTm/phone pay/google pay/paypal

3)  FINALLY  send both payment  screen shots and  whatsapp to Radio 9247180697

4) Next moment we will send you waiting list number
"THE Double REVENUE " (( TDR ))

5)List will be sent to you by whatsapp and
published in the web sheet.

You can check your name and number.

New DONARS will come and repeats These 6 steps


ALL THE BEST to Boost your income into Double the Revenue.

EverGreenWays business solutions (opc) pvt ltd

Axis bank account: 918020079920425


IFSC:- UTIB0001019
BRANCH:- Chitradurga

  Call/watsapp for Business:
  Sravan kumar 9247180697
✍🏻जिस ने कहा कल, दिन गया टल .!
जिसने कहा परसों, बीत गए बरसों..!!
जिसने कहा आज उसने किया राज..!!

आ गया धूम मचानें.....
20 सप्ताह का एक  धमाकेदार प्लान...
काम करो एक बार इनकम लो बार बार ...                   
*♂JOINING:- 750/- Only♂*
Rs. 750/- के बदले में आपको कम्पनी MRP 750/- के प्रोडक्ट देती है।


◆1) *2 DIRECT JOINING= 200 Rupees×20 WEEKs*
*=4000 Rupees Earning*👌

◆2) *4 DIRECT JOINING= 400 Rupees×20 WEEKs*
*=8000 Rupees Earning*👌

◆3) *6 DIRECT JOINING= 600 Rupees×20 WEEKs*
*=12000 Rupees Earning*👌

◆4) *8 DIRECT JOINING= 800 Rupees×20 WEEKs*
*=16000 Rupees Earning*👌

◆5) *10  DIRECT JOINING= 1000 Rupees×20 WEEKs*
*=20000 Rupees Earning*👌

◆6) *20 DIRECT JOINING =2000 Rupees× 20 WEEKs*
*=40000 Rupees Earning*👌



INVEST 8250/- = 1000/-  × 20 Week = Total Earning 20000/-

INVEST 9750/- = 1200/- x 20 Week = Total Earning 24000/-

INVEST 11250/- = 1400/- x 20 Week = Total Earning 28000/-

INVEST 23000/- = 2800/- x 20 Week = Total Earning 56000/-

INVEST 46000/- = 5600/- x 20 Week = Total Earning 112000/-

INVEST 92000/- = 11200/- x 20 Week = Total Earning 224000/-

INVEST 184000/- = 22400/- x 20 Week = Total Earning 448000/-


*♂Binary Matching= 100/Rupees Per Pair*

*♂No Time Limit For Reward Income*
*2.0 CRORE*.

*♂Everyday Two Closing For Matching Income*

*♂Daily Payout For Matching Income*

*Business plan Video*

*Joining link*

*Sponsor I'd 299695

            MORE INFO
 Leader name SRAVAN KUMAR
  All India National Promoter
     Calling and Whatsapp no

Thursday, October 4, 2018


Saturday, September 29, 2018

Online Referral links- work-business-links



3)   user id: 11420094 guest password : 1234 ( to use for new free registrations)
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1⃣ Free Registration.
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5⃣ Every body should *Upgrade* to their 2nd level with 30days of their activation.
6⃣ There are 6 levels.
*Incomes from each level from each person* are
level-1 Rs.200/-  x 2 =Rs.400/- or more
level-2 Rs.300/- x4 =Rs.1200/-
level-3 Rs.900/- x8 =Rs.7200/-
level-4 Rs.2500/- x16 =Rs.40,000/-
level-5 Rs.20,000/- x32 =Rs.6,40,000/-
level-6 Rs.1,50,000/- x64 =Rs.96,00,000/-
7⃣ There are 5 upgrades.
*Upgrades* are to get income from next levels.
1st upgrade :- pay Rs.300/- only once
(to receive Rs.300/- from each ID of 2nd level)
2nd upgrade :- pay Rs.900/- only once
3rd upgrade :- pay Rs.2500/- only once
4th upgrade :- pay Rs.20,000/- only once
5th upgrade :- pay Rs.1,50,000/- only once
8⃣ As said you have to pay 200/- only & now you are thinking for upgrading you have to pay more - no not at all you are not paying from your own money , you are paying from income that you have earned

let's see how it works
1st upgrade -
income received from Level-1 is Rs.400/- so you will pay Rs.300/- from it.

2nd upgrade -
after receiving income from level-2 which is Rs.1200/- you have to pay Rs.900/- from it.
1200-900=Rs.300/- +100/- =Rs.400/-

3rd upgrade -
after receiving income from level-3 which is Rs.7200/- you have to pay Rs.2500/- from it.
7200-2500=Rs.4700/- +400/- =Rs.5100/-

4th upgrade -
after receiving income from level-4 which is Rs.40,000/- you have to pay Rs.20,000/- from it.
40,000-20,000=Rs.20,000/- +5100/- =Rs.25,100/-

5th upgrade -
after receiving income from level-5 which is Rs.6,40,000/- you have to pay Rs.1,50,900/- from it.
6,40,000-1,50,000=Rs.4,90,000/- +25,100/- =Rs.5,15,100/-

9⃣ After completing 5 upgrades
u get Rs.5,15,100/-
+96,00,000/- from level-6
then your total income would be

Full Support & income Opportunity
For more details please
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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

సీటీసీ స్కూల్ CTC SCHOOL

CTC tuitions
CTC dance
CTC karate
CTC online Radio
CTC summer camp
CTC abacus
CTC handwriting
CTC - IIT classes

Thursday, August 2, 2018


Auto Filling, Auto Income Plan. You work or not, but you will surely earn. Earn 500-1500 daily. Join Now.
Click to earn money --Every day income

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Celebrities - Online Radio

★★★★★Online రేడియో ★★listen to

Celebrities Online radio

 scheduled everyday

~6 am -.   suprabhatham

~7am -.     film songs

~8 am   Untitled music

~11 am rhymes time

12.15 pm UKG & sai manitej song

~12.25 Pm ""Movie  24"". songs

~1.15 pm Polasa Viswak's time
~1.30 pm Maddoju Samrid's
~1.45 pm Maddoju Vanshika's  Time
~2 pm      UKG classroom drillings by teacher and students

Continuous updating further..

◆◆◆సెలబ్రిటీస్ ఆన్లైన్ రేడియో◆◆

₹₹₹₹₹ఇది ఒక ఆదాయ మార్గము₹₹₹.

######350/- రూపాయలను మా ప్రమోశనల్ ఏజెంట్ల కు మనీ ఆర్డర్ చేయండి.$$$$$

★★★★ ఏమి వస్తుంది? ★★★

అలా 350/- పంపిన వారి వాయిస్ రికార్డింగ్ పాటలు-మాటలు--వ్యాపార వస్తు సేవల ప్రకటనలు-- మేము సేకరిస్తాము--రేడియో లో ప్రసారాలు చేస్తాము.

మీ క్లాసిఫైడ్ ప్రకటన / వ్యక్తిగత ప్రకటన/వినోదం/విద్య/ఆట/పాట/కోరుకున్న పాట/ మీ ఇష్టమైన ప్రకటన 350/- కట్టి తే రేడియో లో వస్తుంది.

నెల రోజులు వస్తుంది.
ప్రతి రోజు 10 మార్లు రిపీట్ అవుతుంది.
మీ వ్యాపార/వ్యక్తిగత ప్రకటన కోసము 350/- కట్టండి.
అదనపు లాభాలు కావాలంటే కొత్తవారితో ప్రకటనలు ఇప్పించండి.

స్టెప్ 1:---
 ( మేము మీకు పంపబోయే వెల్కమ్ email లో మీకు పంపిన 7 గురి అడ్రస్ లకు తలా 50/- చొప్పున మొతం 350/- ఎలెక్ట్రానిక్  మనీ ఆర్డర్ చేయాలి)
అందరమూ కలిసి కోఆపరేషన్ తో ఆదాయము సృష్టించుకొనవచ్చును.

ఈ రేడియో వినడానికి  క్రింది వెబ్సైట్ ఓపెన్ చేయాలి.

ఆప్ డౌన్లోడ్ అవసరము లేదు.

ప్రపంచము నలు మూలలా అందరూ వినవచ్చును.

ఇంటర్నెట్ స్పీడ్ ను బట్టి మనం వినవచ్చు.

ప్రస్తుతము  ప్రతి రోజు 1000 మంది వింటున్నారు.
ఇందులో సినిమా పాటలు, భక్తి పాటలు - స్కూల్ పిల్లలు వారి మాటలు,రైమ్స్,స్టోరీస్ వింటున్నాము.

వ్యాపారులు/సంస్థలు/వ్యక్తులు/ కాలేజీ లు/ స్కూల్ వారు/ అనేక రకాల వారు లాభాలు-- ప్రచారాలు--వినోదాలు-- పొందుతున్నారు.

మీకు తెలిసిన వారి స్వంత పాటలు , మాటలు, స్టోరీస్ మన రేడియో లో ఉచితముగా వినవచ్చు.
ఇందులో ఆదాయ మార్గము.

ఇది అందరికీ ప్రచారము కావాలి.

అందుకే మనము 350/- రూపాయలను మీకు వచ్చిన
"" వెల్కమ్ ఈ మెయిల్ ""
లో మేము ఇచ్చిన 7 పోస్టల్ అడ్రస్ ల వారికి ఎలెక్ట్రానిక్ మనీ ఆర్డర్ చేయవలెను.

మీరు మనీ ఆర్డర్ చేసిన వెంటనే,
  E- MO రసీదు పొందుతారు.

ఆ రసీదు ను

స్టెప్ 2★★★★★★★★★★★

కు scanned కాపీ e-mail  చేయండి.

స్టెప్ 3★★★★★★★★★★★★
వెంటనే మీ కు ఒక
'ప్రమోషన్ ఇమెయిల్" వస్తుంది.

అందులో మీ పేరు అడ్రస్ 7 వ అడ్రస్ గా వుంటుంది.
స్టెప్ 4★★★★★★★★★★★★

మీరు ఈ ""ప్రమోషనల్ ఈ మెయిల్ "" ను ప్రింట్ copies లేదా స్క్రీన్ షాట్స్ లేదా కాపీ పేస్ట్ గా ఫేస్బుక్, ట్విట్టర్ లేదా డైరెక్ట్ గా మార్కెటింగ్ చేస్తూ  వ్కొఉంటూ,

**కోత్త వారితో మీ పేరు అడ్రస్ ఉన్న లిస్ట్ ఆఫ్ 7అడ్రస్ ల కు ****, ఒకొక్కరికి 50/-  చొప్పున 7 గురికి కలిపి 350/- ఎలక్ట్రానిక్ మనీ ఆర్డర్ చేయాలి.

స్టెప్ 4★★★★★★★★★★★
మీరు చేసినట్లు మీ ద్వారా చేరిన వారు కూడా చేయవలెను

వారు చేర్పించిన వారికి "ప్రమోషల్ ఈ మెయిల్ ""  వస్తుంది.

అందులో మీ పేరు అడ్రసు 6 వ పొజిషన్ లో ఉంటుంది.

వారి ది 7వ పొజిషన్ లో ఉంటుంది.

మీరు చేర్పించిన వారు 10 మందిని చేర్పిస్తే మీకు 10 x 50 =500 /-  వస్తాయి.
ఈ 10 మంది తలా 10 మందిని , అంటే
10 మంది x తలా 10 మంది = మొత్తం 100 మంది చేరుతూ

మీకు ఆ 100 మంది తలా  50 /- చొప్పున మొత్తం 5000/- వస్తావి.

మొదటి లెవెల్ 10 మంది నుండి 500
రెండవ లెవెల్ 100 మంది 5000
3 వ లెవెల్ 1000 మంది 50,000
4 వ లెవెల్ 10,000 మంది 5,00,000
5 వ లెవెల్ 1 లక్ష మంది నుండి 50,00,000/-  వస్తుంది ఈ అవకాశాన్ని మీది మీరు సృష్టించుకోవడము జరుగును.

మీ ఇమెయిల్ id మాకు పంపండి.
మీకు "వెల్కమ్ మెయిల్ "పంపిస్తాము.
అందులో ఉన్న 7 అడ్రసులకు తలా 50/- ఎలెక్ట్రానిక్ మనీ order చేయండి.
]★★★ఆ రసీదు ను■■■■ 123రేడియో99@gmail. com కు ఫార్వర్డ్ చేయండి.
మీకు మీ పేరు మీ అడ్రస్ తో ఉన్న "ప్రమోషనల్ ఈమెయిలు" వాస్తుoది
ఈ "ప్రమోషనల్ ఈ మెయిల్" ను మీరు అందరికీ పంపండి.  ప్రతీ రోజూ వందల-లక్షల మందికి పంపండి.
ఎంత మంది అయినా చేరవచ్చు.

వెంటనే ప్రారంభము చేయండి.

ఆల్ the best.

రేడియో వినడానికి డైరెక్ట్ లింక్

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Play group, Nursery to 2nd class Audio content

Play Group , nursery to 2nd class audio files separate, combined pre launching offer classwise
INR 1000 only Everyday 5 subjects audios with prescribed text books , 

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Class works

Home works

Etc Equal to Alternate Online School

It's Now Alternate Online School

Pay by PAYtm to 9247180697

E-mail Your Payment Confirmations to

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

CTC Play School, SaraswathiNagar,Gopalpur Road,HNK

1) Nursery    Lowest  Yearly or Monthly Fee
2) LKG        Lowest  Yearly or Monthly Fee
3) UKG       Lowest  Yearly or Monthly Fee



4) TUITIONS FACILITY  every day After School Hours 4.30 PM  8 P.M

5)   Dance   Every Sunday 10 AM to 12 AM
6)   Karate  Every Week  3 days
7)   Music  Every  Week  
8)    Drawing  Every Sunday

9)     Special Fundamental  Science , Maths , Telugu , Hindi   for  all Classes  1st to 10th   Single Sunday Batch

Monday, December 10, 2012

Apply for Job ( Tutor / Faculty / home tuitions Jobs)

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